J2 AU mpreg - donor search by Crossed Wires
Summary: Four years ago, after his longterm lover died/left Jared decided he was tired of waiting and wanted a child. As a "sire" in a world where some males are "bearers" he needs a willing surrogate. He goes to a donor bank and finds out they have donor eggs that can be fertilized by his sperm. He looks at his choices and selects a donor history that he likes (ie. green eyes, darkish hair, tall, male.. you get the picture). The surrogate who carries the baby is optional, though I was thinking his sister (sorta like Phoebe from the TV show Friends) or a close female friend. Anyway, now, his little GIRL is 3 years old and is diagnosed with an illness that requires Jared to track down the egg donor, hoping to find a genetic match or a more in-depth family medical history. What he actually finds is 6 foot 1 of gorgeous Texas rancher, Jensen, who he instantly shares an attraction with. As the story unfolds, I want the boys to end up having another baby together, Jen getting pregnant by accident, and falling in love. The rest is up to the author, including Jen's reasons for donotating his eggs, but I want a full AU, neither of them actors. Extra points if JD Morgan and Jim Beaver are part of the story, and Misha Collins too, but not as a love interest with J2. Maybe he can hook up with JDM. Could be adapted to a NotBrothers Sam/Dean AU, which I honestly prefer but either is fine.
Categories: Jared/Jensen > Alternate Universe
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